Date: December 14-December 16, 2016 Venue: anhui, hefeishi

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The 7th International Automotive Interior/Exterior and Engine Peripheral Parts Technology Forum 2016

China started to implement the stage IV fuel consumption standards on January 1, 2016. According the national standards, carmakers are required to cut the fuel consumption limit from the 6.9L/100km in 2015 to 5.0L/100km by 2020 at an annual pace of 6.2% in fuel consumption reduction. This means that one fourth of new models in the existing market would be washed out if carmakers failed to upgrade their technologies. Automobile lightweighting is an important way of improving vehicle’s fuel economy and reducing fuel consumption. Studies show that a 10% reduce of vehicle weight can improve fuel efficiency by 6%-8%. In addition, the country will start to implement a mandatory standard for in-car air quality from January 1, 2017. The safety of in-car environment has become a major concern for consumers. Compared with the exiting guideline for air quality assessment of passenger car, the new mandatory standard emphasizes more on practicability and binding force. To facilitate enterprises’ understanding about new energy lightweighting technology, speed up NEV lightweighting technology application and product R&D and promote the communication and cooperation between auto material suppliers, auto parts manufacturers, OEMs and research institutes, Enmore will organize the 7th International Automotive Interior/Exterior and Engine Peripheral Parts Technology Forum 2016 during December 14-16, 2016. We look forward to your participation!

Why attend?

200+ industry elites;

20+ OEMs

10+ hours of presentations from industry leaders at home and abroad

40-minute panel discussion on hot topics and the up-to-date industry intelligence;

10 material suppliers will share their latest R&D achievements;

4 modules with focus on different aspects of industry/technology development;

10 advanced OEMs and auto parts manufacturers will share their material demand and development plan

Event Highlights

National mandatory standard: interpretation of automobile industry policy and Guideline for Air Quality Assessment of Passenger Car;

NEV lightweighting development: analysis of the latest industry trends, body lightweighting structural design and applications of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials;

Fuel-engined vehicle lightweighting trend: highlight lightweighting, innovative development and product quality improvement;

VOC and in-car air quality control: new requirements for low VOC and low odor vehicles, implementation of national mandatory standard;

New material application: new analysis of auto-grade plastics and new material R&D;

Recycling and reutilization of interior and exterior parts: the idea of recycling and a complete industrial chain development;

Automobile intelligent design and modular design: analysis of OEM’s development ideas and their needs

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