Date: December 14-December 16, 2016 Venue: zhejiang, ningboshi

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NEV ECO SHOW: NEV Powertrain Tech-in

 Focus on advanced BEV drive assembly technology  Discuss the optimal HEV electro-mechanical coupling assembly scheme  Learn advanced drive and transmission technology experience overseas  Highlight the innovative development of self-owned transmission brands in China

Event Highlights

Dual motor vs. in-wheel motor: two major drive assembly options for BEV

Discuss the viability of in-wheel motor’s use in BEV and the application performance of dual motor drive assembly, share experience in the development and technological innovation about electric drive axle, range extender and other key components in the existing main BEV drive patterns.

Parallel, series, parallel-series: the optimal HEV electro-mechanical coupling assembly scheme

Discuss different electro-mechanical coupling structural design and application for HEVs, analysis of independently developed DCT, CVT and AMT technologies and their gear design to find out the optimal transmission system for HBVs.

Clutch, TCU, retarder, LSD: efficient parts development and application

Discuss the optimization of performances of key components and parts like clutch, TCU, retarder and differential, in-depth analysis of the use of high performance materials, lubrication and maintenance, NVH and thermal design for NEV drive transmission system.

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