Date: September 26-September 27, 2018 Venue: jiangsu, nanjingshi

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18th International Polyolefin Annual Conference 2018

The annual International Polyolefin Conference is in its 18th year and Enmore China is pleased to invite you to participate, which will be held in Nanjing, China, from September 26--27, 2018. Delegates have the opportunity to attend about 20 expert presentations covering the latest industry news on the U.S. sanctions against Iran & Sino-Us Trade War & China’s Ban on Imported Waste Plastics & Southeast Asian Countries’ Waste Plastics; New Technologies & Catalyst Innovations; Development Trends of Feedstock Price; the Latest Market Dynamics and etc.

Why attend?

♦    Exports to China being unknown, How will Upstream in North America deal with the Capacity Increment Outputs which is more than one million?

♦    Sino-Us Trade War remaining, is it a second springtime for the developments of MTO?

♦    Impact of the China’s Ban on imported waste plastics & Analysts of the Current and Future Situations of Southeast Asian Countries’ Waste Plastics

♦    Impact of Weakened RMB & Rising Dollars to China’s Polyolefin Imports & Exports

♦    Strong Regulations on Iran Traders from China, inconvenient payment methods and unstable equipment operation, how will them solve these current difficulties?

♦    U.S. sanctions against Iran & Sino-Us Trade War, Will it be possible for Iran to export more Polyolefins to China and China’s Polyolefin Markets to expand tremendously?

♦    Trending Trends, Production Capacity and its Schedules

♦    Demand Growth Forecasts of China’s Polyolefin Downstream

♦    Increasing Investments in China from Southeast Asian Countries and overplus Polyolefin imports, When will the breaking point of Polyolefin Price happens?

♦    Cost Comparison between Ethane Dehydrogenation to Ethane and the Traditional ones, will it renew weight in the market?

♦    Borouge Embrace Sustainable packaging Solutions

♦    The Application of Polyethylene Resin in Rotational Moulding

♦   Polyolefin Catslysts

♦    The Circular Economy Impact

♦    The Application and Prospects of Spot Pricing in China’s Polyolefin Markets

♦    Basis & Arbitrage: Where are they heading?

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