Date: September 12-September 13, 2018 Venue: shandong, qingdaoshi

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2018 16th China International PA & NBA 2EH Derivatives Forum

The 16th China International PA & NBA 2EH Derivatives Market Summit 2018 will be organized by Enmore on September 12th-13th, 2018 in China Qingdao city. The conference will invite more than 150 delegates from local and international companies in the fields of OX, PA, propylene, butanol/2-EH, plasticizers, UPR, acrylates and acetates as well as third parties like technology companies, warehousing companies and catalyst providers. From policy, economy, market and technology, we will present you with a grand meeting covering the entire PA, butanol/2-EH industry chain. Hope your joining,

Event Highlights

ü  Whether the recovery of international oil price will boost the price of propylene, butanol and 2-EH? And how will it influence the chemical industry? What impact will it bring to the coal products?

ü  As the Sino-US trade war continues to escalate, how will it influence China’s chemical industry?

ü  As the productivity of naphthalene-based PA continues to expand, how are we dealing with the shortage of the technical naphthalene supply? Will imported technical naphthalene be a possible solution?

ü  What is the most likely outcome of the anti-doping investigation of n-butanol? How will the investigation impact the domestic demand-and-supply market of n-butanol in the future?

ü  As the environmental protection inspectors intensify its regulation, what situation will the chemical industry face in the future?

ü  What are the changes, if any, in the layout of downstream industries like PA, butanol and 2-EH?

ü  Are there any new technologies beyond the market that can bring new energy to the industry of PA, butanol and 2-EH?

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