Date: December 12-December 13, 2018 Venue: zhongqing, chongqingshi

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12th China Bitumen Traders’ Conference 2018

Docking the forefront of the industry, Knowing well the road farther Macro Forecasting, Policy Interpretation Market Dynamics, Cutting-edge Technology Domestic and International Cooperation

Why attend?

Why Attend:

Understand industry trends

Learning cutting-edge technology

Learning about expertise

Exchanging views with industry peers

Interpreting policy changes

Learning financial futures operations

According to the needs of the conference, compared with previous years, this forum has increased the understanding of cutting-edge technology and financial policy changes.


Network High Quality Professional Delegates

By Industry:

Bitumen Producers

Bitumen Traders

Construction Companies

Modifier Manufacturers/Sellers

Futures Companies

Overseas Refineries

Highway Owners

Bitumen Storage&Logistics Companies

Technical&Equipment Providers

Research Institutes/Associations/Medias

Participation Demand

Purchasing Needs

Looking for new products and technologies

Study / Participate in the parallel conference

Establish new business relationships

Contact and maintain business relationships

Understand the market / understand the competition

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Avoiding homogenization based on customer needs, creating a pragmatic learning environment that facilitates brand expansion.

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Event Highlights

       After long-term investment and construction of China's infrastructure projects, the demand for major roads in most areas has been relatively perfect, and the demand for large roads will be weakened. There is still a large demand for road construction in the northwest, but the traffic between major cities is also basically perfect.

        From January to July of 2018, China’s road construction fixed investment achieved a total performance of 1.1 trillion yuan, which was unchanged from the same period last year. This year, the government issued a document stating that the central government has comprehensively judged the compliance and rationality of various infrastructure projects from the perspective of preventing major risks, including strengthening the compliance check for PPP projects. This will result in the impact of some project progress. From the feedback of the asphalt market, the progress of the project is indeed far worse than last year.

         However, On July 23, the chaired executive meeting of the State Council, deployed better to promote the fiscal and financial policy, supporting the expansion of domestic demand structure to promote the development of the real economy; The meeting pointed out that the three areas of soil storage, road and shed change will be the important direction of construction, and asphalt is the main demand of the road infrastructure industry demand for products.

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