Date: March 06-March 08, 2019 Venue: shandong, qingdaoshi

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The 13th International Butadiene Market Summit 2019

According to incomplete statistics, China will have more sets of naphtha crackers installed in 2018 ~2020, then the new capacity of butadiene will be close to 2 million tons. It is expected that after 2019, especially in 2020, there will be a significant concentrated release of domestic butadiene new capacity. By then, the total production capacity in China will reach more than 5 million tons, while the demand is only about 3.1~3.15 million tons. However, as a net importer of butadiene, China has exported a scale of butadiene in 2017, and the export volume of butadiene in June to Aug 2018 has reached 10,000 to 20,000 tons. What is the future development trend of China's butadiene market? What are the opportunities and challenges facing downstream supply and demand? ...... Enmore invites all the butadiene industry professionals from all walks of life to gather in Qingdao to discuss the future development of butadiene!

Why attend?

  • Annual Party —— Once a year, Asia's most professional butadiene summit 

  • Specialty of China ——Focus on the Chinese market and jointly explore the future expansion of China's butadiene capacity

  • Complete Industry —— The product industry is doing its best, and the international C4 industry conference is held in the same period, focusing on the comprehensive utilization of resources in the future.

  • A Wide Range of Topics ---- Industry players at home and abroad gathered together to speak freely and discuss the global process of butadiene

Event Highlights

  • China's butadiene will have a lot of new capacity in the next few years. Will it break the supply and demand pattern in Northeast Asia?

  • Influenced by the price of crude oil and demand side, what is the price tendency of butadiene at home and abroad?

  • The price of natural rubber is at the threshold of 10,000 yuan recently. How should the synthetic rubber market respond?

  • Many factors have caused the operating rate of the tire factory to drop and fall again. What will happen in the future?

  • What is the impact of lighter olefin feedstock on global butadiene supply?

  • As an important downstream of butadiene, what is the future development trend of SBS, ABS and NBR?

  • ……

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