Date: March 05-March 06, 2019 Venue: shandong, qingdaoshi

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The 6th China International C4 Comprehensive Utilization Summit 2019

According to incomplete statistics, in 2018 China's etherification C4 capacity is 22 million tons, and the demand is 14.5 million tons. It is estimated that the production capacity will reach 25 million tons in 2019, the demand will be 19 million tons, and the import will reach 0.7 million ton. But actual commodity did not reach the demand. C4 resources will still be in short supply. We are waiting for you to join us together with the industry elites to discuss the hot topics about C4 utilization process!

Why attend?

l  Annual event--- Once a year, Asian most professional C4 comprehensive utilization summit

l  Policy Analysis---Environmental protection policies are becoming more stringent, corporate upgrading is imperative

l  International platform---Looking at the direction of industrial development, seniors at home and abroad gathered together to establish a communication platform for supply and demand negotiations

l  Complete industry ---Covering the hot products of carbon four deep processing downstream, the butadiene industry event will shine in the same period

Event Highlights

l  In face of feed gas shortage, what about the challenge and opportunity for the C4 domestic and overseas market?

l  With the rapid development of fuel ethanol in China, how does MTBE find a new way out?

Opportunities and challenges for capacity expansion in the case of oversupply of alkylated oils?

l  Under the new situation of China's cracker in the next few years, what will happen to the C4 resource supply market?

l  The structure of C4 traditional chemical equipment is monotonous. Whether to optimize the industrial structure to seek three-dimensional development

l  ……

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