Date: October 13-October 14, 2016 Venue: overseas,

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Global Biodiesel Focus 2016

With the rising concern for climate change and global warming, development on renewable energy has become a worldwide trend with many countries making contribution into building a clean environment. The use of biodiesel blended fuels is a vital tool in our fight to against greenhouse gas emission. Being the most powerful and informative platform in Asia-Pacific which provides the latest technology advancements and market dynamics on biodiesel industry, Global Biodiesel Focus (GBF) is going to bring the 2016 annual event to Bali, Indonesia on October 13th and 14th. Come and join the gathering!

Why attend?

      Why you must attend

ü  Understand the changing competition dynamics to keep yourself ahead of competitors

ü  Make informed business decisions by having complete insights of market as well as in-depth analysis of market segments.

ü  Network with prominent industry experts and leading market players across the world

ü  Showcase your products, services and company to potential business partners through effective ways


Event Highlights

           Conference Spotlight:

n   In-depth understanding on PME subsidized price scheme and key factors analysis

n   Outlook on developments in both transportation and non-transportation sectors

n   Exploration of various downstream applications and feasibilities

n   Introduction on a mysterious market with high potential---China


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