Date: April 11-April 13, 2017 Venue: jiangsu, nanjingshi

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18th China Oil Trading Conference 2017

OPEC and non-OPEC (Non-OPEC) reached the agreement of "joint reduction of oil production" for the first time in 15 years. Non-OPEC total reduction reached 55.8 million barrels/day. The largest oil exporter in the non-OPEC region - Russia will cut their oil production by 20 million barrels in March and 300,000 barrels in April. Experts predict that in 2017 the international oil price may be around 50 US dollars -60 US dollars/barrel. The global oil market will be re-balanced, or even supply slightly less than the demand. Whether US Shale oil production will reduce has a great impact on supply-demand situation and oil prices of international market. 2017 crude oil non-state import trade is permitted to be 87.6 million tons. Enterprises without import performance for two consecutive years will be no longer allowed to import. Chinese Government will be more precise and cautious on teapot refineries certification and regulatory aspects. The Ministry of Commerce announced 2017 crude oil non-state import volume is 87.6 million tons or 176 million barrels/day, equivalent to 26% of 2016 China's crude oil imports(335.5 million tons).

Why attend?

The first international event in China oil industry, aiming to build a high-quality 
Accumulation of over 8000 domestic and foreign companies in 18 years with 
 the concept of "Serving the Industry";
Participants from the four large state-owned groups, domestic and foreign traders, 

Shandong teapot refineries, governments and well-known information companies;
Diverse sessions: keynote speeches, interview, cocktail party, special auction, 
reception dinner and hiking with friends to Yangzhou.


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