Date: September 11-September 13, 2017 Venue: fujian, xiamenshi

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11th International Base Oil Summit 2017

Started in 2007, Enmore base oil and lubricants industry conference has grown into the No.1 event brand in the base oil industry over the past decade. With footprints in many major Chinese cities like Chengdu, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Guilin, Sanya, Shanghai and Dalian, the conference has seen its attendance rising from 135 in 2007 to 459 in 2016. The conference aims to develop overseas markets. We will invite nearly a hundred overseas participants in fields of base oil supply, lubricant production, additive R&D and third-party service from more than 10 countries including South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Iran, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the USA, France and Switzerland. The conference will help participants build their business connections through seven well-designed parts: keynote speech, local-foreign communication, economic lecture, enterprise interview, gala dinner, factory visit and business tour.

Why attend?

New demand for base oil upgrading, new opportunities from structural changes of the market !

11-year top event brand, 600+ local and overseas delegates;

A platform of zero-distance communication for enterprises;

Expert team and market dynamics focus;

Individualized services covering consultancy, business matchmaking and information

Event Highlights

  • In face of the situation of intensifying competition and slow demand, how could lubricant enterprises win the market?

  • Lubricant market competition under the background of industry reshuffle

  • With a prominent problem of structural supply-demand conflict, how to overcome the challenge of a surplus China base oil market?

  • China Group I, II & III base oil supply structural change and downstream application status

  • Asia-Pacific base oil trade flow dynamics and China base oil foreign trade market

  • Continuous growth of Group III base oil capacity and market prospect

  • New energy vehicle’s influence on lubricating oil/grease development and property requirement

  • Acceleration of oil products upgrading, stricter environmental policies, new standards for base oil and lubricants production and development trends

  • Base oil’s application in wind-energy lubricants and development opportunity

  • Green lubricant’s advantages and application areas

  • The growth of turbo-supercharged engine market’s requirement for and impact on lubricants

  • Metalworking fluid market status and future development trends

  • New green quality lubricant additives’ application status and development trends

  • European and American PAO and PAG synthetic oil market status and China synthetic oil market application prospect

  • Iran’s impact on the global base oil market structure in the post-economic sanction period

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