Date: March 05-March 06, 2019 Venue: beijing, beijingshi

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9th Oil Tanker Shipping Summit 2019

In 2018, international oil prices surged upwards in the first three quarters and followed with a sharp decline in the end. Refined oil price was also continuously lowered at the end of the year. The international oil market was affected by global finance and macro-level and market pessimism spread. China, as the world's second largest oil and gas consumer and net oil importer, seems to have maintained strong demand during the fall in oil prices. Compared with oil prices, BDTI rose steadily in the fourth quarter and BCTI rose sharply at the end of the year, nearly twice as the lowest level in the middle of 2018. In 2019, in the context of the imbalance between supply and demand under the slowdown of global economic growth, with the gradual effect of Iran's exemption and OPEC reduction, the impact of changes in Sino-US trade relations, the announcement of a large number of U.S. and Russian supply and the completion & commissioning of China’s Verbund, how will the freight of dirty and clean tanker change?

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