Date: June 19-June 20, 2017 Venue: zhejiang, hangzhoushi

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5th Molecular Diagnostics Summit 2017

Since 2010, Enmore Healthcare held IVD summits for 8 years, making the first high-end IVD industry summit in China. Since 2013, Enmore Healthcare focused on the molecular diagnostic markets, creating the MDx summit which based on the research and development of new technology and clinical transformation, promote cross-border exchanges and cooperation in the emerging market segment. In 2016, the development of national precision medicine programs and personalized medicine continued to promote the progress of domestic molecular diagnostic techniques, and further explored the clinical application of emerging technologies, especially in tumor diagnosis, prenatal diagnosis, genetic disease and infectious disease. Currently, First generation sequencing is still the gold standard, NGS has been applied in clinical practice, and the third generation sequencing keeps improving. With the application of Companion Diagnostics , liquid biopsy technology has gradually been recognized by clinicians. In recent years, the new hotspots of domestic molecular diagnosis have been emerging. With the innovation of technology and market, a large number of new sequencing and data service companies have been produced, to provide new technology modes and advanced technology for the industry.

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