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Nieba Annual Symposium 2015

This year, Enmore will invite a wide range of players in the nickel industry to attend this meeting including international associations, research institutes, MNCs, leading enterprises, government experts, overseas miners, ferronickel and electrolytic nickel smelters, downstream users, traders and third parties. Topics covering nickel price trend, macro environment, capacity, cost, inventory, project progress in Indonesia, controllable nickel resources, statistics and downstream demand will be discussed during the forum. You may have chance to exchange views on the above issues with 200+ nickel enterprises, 60+downstream users and 30+ industry experts and specialists.

Why attend?

200+ domestic and foreign elites gather together, exchanging their new ideas on the development under the background of industrial transformation 

60+ stainless steel enterprises participate, practically sharing information of new demands for annual procurement 

30+ authoritative guests rendered their annual analysis, dissecting the new trend of nickel market from multiple perspectives and presenting a panorama of the market 

Event Highlights

In the first half of 2015, especially in June, nickel price experienced a round of slump and in the third quarter, it was still staying at the bottom, waiting for further adjustment. As for the main reason of this depression, it is due to the slowing down of the growth speed of macro-economy, which consequently leads to reduction in demands of stainless steel. However, as the rate of operation of ferronickel plants goes down, the nickel inventory is dropping sharply and the investment projects, such as high-speed rail networking, subway construction, ship building and even urban pipeline upgrading, are successively confirmed by governments, we wonder if the huge demand surge of the stainless steel industry, a downstream industry of nickel industry, can spur on the recovery of nickel market. 

nmore sincerely invites you to gather in Wuxi, Suzhou on December 9-11, 2015 for our year-end summary. The 2015 Nieba Annual Symposium will render you with comprehensive analysis of the trend of nickel price, dissect the long-term deployment of leading enterprises, and gather various high-quality resources concerning nickel supply and stainless procurement. Surfing in the ocean of business, the information holder is bound to win! 

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